What is ICC Incoterms – Container Jargon

So what exactly is ICC Incoterms? Who would have guessed that a collection of three-letter acronyms would have had such an impact on the development of international (and domestic) commercial transactions? We can thank a group of industrialists, financiers and traders whose determination to bring economic prosperity to a post-World War I era eventually led […]

Identify Hacked Websites

Know who you are dealing with. It’s not very difficult to create a replicated website from a actual suppliers website. With a sophisticated arsenal of online tools available it’s becoming easier by the day. Signs that a website is has been hijacked. The most obvious is a browser warning that you may access potentially harmful […]

Shipping Container Pricing Guide

Use this guide as a pricing guide for shipping container conversions and shipping container sales to ensure you can differentiate between a real company and a scam. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. ISO Shipping Container Sales 6m GP Used Containers Availability – Good Price Range | R19 500 – […]

Scam Alert – “Customer” posing as the container fraud victim.

Scam Alert SA0715 “Customer” scamming supplier This was brought to our attention last month, but being a case under investigation it remained unpublished due to the threats made by the scammer to the supplier concerned. At this stage the supplier wish to remain anonymous for safety reasons. The incident was reported on 12 June 2019 […]

East End Containers and Logistics

East End Containers and Logistics – Verified Member About Us EastEnd Containers and Logistics started in the year 2015.Ever since then ECL is a growing container company with the knowledge and combined experience in the container and logistics industry.We are totally service orientated and offer our customers a personalized business relationship.We are growing container and […]

ALMAR Container Group (Pty) Ltd

ALMAR Container Group (Pty) Ltd Verified Member About Us At Almar we believe it’s important to know why we do what we do, not just knowing what we do. So why do we come to work in the morning, it’s simple: “To be the best we can be in every situation, overcoming challenges and achieving […]

AC Containers

AC Containers – Verified Member About Us AC Containers offer containers for instant secure solution to your storage and accommodation units. We pride ourselves in our ability to reach and maintain the highest level of service and manufacturing requirements both locally and internationally. We convert containers to suit your needs and specifications. Anything can be […]

Scam Alert – 5 March 2019 – Container Fraud Prevention

Can a Scammer really be this dumb? A scammer posted shipping containers for sale on the Container Fraud Reporting Facebook page for R10 000.00 and subsequently allowed us to block his profile, share his information and list him in the scam database without us having to do any hard work. Advertising a Shipping Container Scam on home soil is […]

Valley Containers

Valley Containers – Verified Member About Us We specialise in the leasing of storage, office, sleeper, freezer and refrigeration containers. You can rent a steel container for literally any need, from anywhere in South Africa. We also sell new and used containers, and offer container conversions to suit your individual needs. Container delivery is arranged cross-continent – directly to your site or doorstep […]

Container Conversions

Container Conversions – Verified Member Our Offering We are the industry leader in the instant temporary site accommodation and storage market in Southern Africa. Through our extensive range of Containers, Parkhomes (Modular Units) and Flatpack Containers we are able to meet a wide variety of customer needs. Our diverse rental fleet and sales offerings give […]