Container Fraud Prevention & Verification

Fraudulent Suppliers

Container fraud has joined hands with Shipping Container Fraud Reporting Facebook page and also list fraudulent sites reported on this page. This page is individually managed, reported and investigated accordingly and is community driven.

Total Records Found: 54, showing 10 per page
Company NameWebsiteCFP RegisteredFraudulentDomains Flags
Kalahari Export cc no YES Fraudulent Domain
African Reefer Containers no YES Fraudulent Domain
Maritime Containers no YES Fraudulent Domain
Rhyco RP Containers no YES Fraudulent Domain
Highveld Containers no YES Fraudulent Domain
Vast Containers no YES Fraudulent Website
Blue Beam Containers no YES Fraudulent Pricing
BSL Group no YES Fraudulent Pricing
Sirles Global Tradings no YES Fraudulent Pricing
Advanced Container Transport Systems no YES Fraudulent Pricing

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