Shipping Container Fraud Prevention & Verification

Who is CFP?

Container Fraud Prevention is a industry built platform allows you to report scams, contact suppliers or find out more about what is happening in your area. Our goal is to create public awareness for this growing problem in order that we can join forces to combat fraud together. 

We urge all customers to follow the simple guidelines and pricing guides to ensure you are not being scammed. 

The South African industry has also become a target and it is estimated that approximately R250,000 to R300,000 per day are lost to these scams in SA alone – lost revenue which could have created employment opportunities and improved the local economy.

Join forces with CFP and help us bring awareness and transparency to the shipping industry.

Container Fraud Prevention.

Container Scams & Fraud

With shipping container fraud rising daily, it has become harder to protect your business with traditional methods.

Fraudulent companies provide false information about their business & services.

Protect yourself by creating an account and listing your company as an approved registered shipping container supplier.

Smart Supplier Verification

Finding a dependable supplier that can provide you with quality goods and services can be difficult.

But it doesn’t need to be. With CFP, you have access to vetted suppliers with experience in the industry.

Check out our community of reliable suppliers today.

Report Container Fraudsters

Hacked websites, fraudulent suppliers, false advertising.

Fraudulent offers exist online every day, affecting both vendors and customers. We’re here to make sure fraudulent activities are brought to light.

Join our community of online fraud fighters! Report suspicious activity so that it can be stopped before it harms more people.

Container Fraud Prevention Checklist

You spend a lot of time researching what you need to buy. But all that work can be for nothing if you don’t do your research enough.

Scammers will promise the world at next to nothing and then just take your money and run.

Use our handy tips to spot fraudsters before they spot you. 

About us

Passionate about making a difference and being a market leader, we are about giving back to the community by providing accessible information to everyone who needs it.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a verified platform which will enhance, verify and change the way we deal with cyber crime. Through awareness creating we aim to provide our customers with a secure online experience by bringing together leading companies within who share our vision. By working together towards a common goal we can effectively fight against this growing problem.

Our offer

You need to know if your supplier is genuine or a scammer. The problem is, you have no way of finding out.

We offer the solution – we search out fraudsters and provide certification as to what companies are valid suppliers.

Our free consumption database helps you identify registered and fraudulent suppliers.


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Want to get Registered? Visit Supplier Registration and submit your request for verification.


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Container Fraud Prevention