Shipping Container Fraud Prevention & Verification

Verified Suppliers

Check. Check. Triple check!

There are 100’s of scam artists out there. Don’t become a victim!

Registered companies can list their business & services therefor provide a public service to prevent shipping container & conversion fraud.

Smart Verification

Our members have their own verification page that is public facing and indexed with backlinks to their site.

Report Fraudsters

We collect information about hacked websites, fraudulent offers, false advertising and more.

Join the blog today and report any suspicious activity.


Not sure if you are being scammed?

Use our tips to ensure you are not being taken for a ride.


CFP Zone

If you are looking at purchasing shipping containers or prefab buildings rather use our verified supplier database. Ensure who you are buying from is legitimate.

With a growing database of registered suppliers you are assured to buy from the right source, therefor ensuring your purchase transaction is safe.

If you are a supplier in the shipping container conversion, sales or prefab building industry, get your company registered today. Be part of the drive to protect the public against fraudsters.

We make our database available to the public to ensure informed decisions can be made before purchasing. 

Additional features include a blog platform for customers and suppliers to interact and report hijacked websites and fraudulent advertising.

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About us

Passionate to create a difference and to be a market leader. Giving back and providing accessible information to anyone who needs it.

Our mission

We strive to create a comprehensive service offering to enhance, verify and change the way we deal with crime. Report, Inform, Recover.