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We have put together a handy price guide for shipping containers and conversions to ensure you don’t get foiled by scam artists. The prices indicated is market value pricing and vary significantly based on location, configurations, material specifications and more. It merely provides a non competitive range for all registered suppliers to ensure your safety online.

Our Top Purchasing Tips

It’s not very difficult to create a replicated website from a actual suppliers website. With a sophisticated arsenal of online tools available it’s becoming easier by the day.

Signs that a website is has been hijacked.

  • The most obvious is a browser warning that you may access potentially harmful site.
  • Website address and email domain is not the same.
  • Random redirects to other websites or content.

Scammers often fool the public by creating the same website on another domain that looks very similar. A hyphen or additional character will be added to the domain address letting you think you reached the right business.

Most of the time these fraudulent sites has been running for some time and when it is advertised it doesn’t always mean it can’t be fake. Doing your research online will pay off. If it seems to good to be true it probably is. 

We all love discounts and specials but sometimes it can be deceiving to say the least. Being able to differentiate between a bargain and a scam can save you much more than Black Friday.

Use our Pricing Guides to provide you with a relevant range of popular conversions.

Should a legitimate company not be able to provide you with the required documents to facilitate the transaction you are better off not doing it at all. If in doubt ask for the relevant documentation before handing over your hard earned cash. Some of these include but not limited to:

  • Letter of Good Standing (VAT)
  • Banking Details Confirmation Letter that match the invoice details.
  • Formalized quotations and invoices
  • Company Vat Registration Number

It’s always good to visit the facility when making a purchase to ensure its a physical business and not a storefront. Unfortunately we do not always have the time but when handing over large sums of money it’s always a good idea.

TIP: Always be mindful that companies may not want to fully expose themselves either due to fraud, but some form of Company Identification will always be provided. Use the pricing guide to ensure you are not being misled.


Empty storage containers can be sold directly from major  depots to save on transport costs and fraudsters know this.

Arranging inspections for empty container sales are imperative as these are usually sold COD. if a ISO Container inspection can’t be arranged setup an appointment at the company address to facilitate the transaction as opposed to handling it over email and phone calls. Chances are that you are more likely to end up at a fake address than losing your money.

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Our mission is to create a verified platform which will enhance, verify and change the way we deal with cyber crime. Through awareness creating we aim to provide our customers with a secure online experience by bringing together leading companies within who share our vision. By working together towards a common goal we can effectively fight against this growing problem.

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You need to know if your supplier is genuine or a scammer. The problem is, you have no way of finding out.

We offer the solution – we search out fraudsters and provide certification as to what companies are valid suppliers.

Our free consumption database helps you identify registered and fraudulent suppliers.


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