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Container Fraud has received a warm welcome in the industry for taking the initiative to make information available to the public when it comes to reputable suppliers and scammers.

Our goal to list, blacklist and strike back by providing the right information to consumers and ensure a informed buying decision can be made with ease. Don’t believe everything you hear, Triple Check Everything. 

Ask the right questions

Easier said than done. When you are a first time buyer its not hard for scammers to convince you by throwing around container jargon that sounds good, accurate and above all else, at the best price.

Here are some simple tips you can follow to ensure who you are dealing with is the real deal.

  • Visit the supplier Premises
    • Make a appointment and go visit the supplier. Most scammers use existing container companies addresses in the hope that you will just drive by and confirm the sale.
  • Meet face to face before concluding your transactions. See who you are dealing with. No container conversion company will turn away business because they are too busy to see you.
  • Can you inspect the containers prior to purchase? If not, be weary.
  • Is the price quoted reasonable in terms of the industry standards or half price? If it is half price it’s probably a scam. Use our Pricing Guide for a good indication of industry related pricing.

If you find these tips helpful please share!

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