JAM S.A (Joint Aid Management)

How you can help to make a difference

JAM feeds 1.6 Million children every day. Play your part to support the cause by helping JAM feed more children on a daily basis. JAM can feed a child from as little as R3 per day! 

How is this possible?

By developing a porridge that offer a child 75% of its daily nutritional value goes a long way if that is the only meal they will have for the day. Help us support the cause by visiting https://jamsa.co.za and making your pledge to support them!


About JAM

Joint Aid Management (JAM) was founded by Peter and Ann Pretorius in 1984. We are an African-founded and headquartered, Christian international humanitarian relief and development organisation currently operating in Angola, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, South Sudan, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

Since our inception, JAM has progressed as an organisation that reflects strong, expansive development. For more than three decades we have grown into an organisation that affects sustainable change though providing programmes to children who need support and communities that need help. Serving Africa is what defines us. We do not discriminate in terms of race, religion, gender, or political persuasion.

The movement for change begins with YOU.

JAM has created a movement for change. This movement is fuelled by the participation of determined individuals who are committed to doing what it takes to help others. Join us?

You can get your family, friends and colleagues involved through social platforms and events.

Please also remember that we would love to hear from about any activities and initiatives that you are involved in, so that we can also share your acts of kindness with the rest of our networks.
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The History of JAM

Make a Donation

Help JAM today by making a small donation that could save a childs life! Get on board today and see what a difference you as a individual or a company can make TODAY!


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