Speed Space

Speed Space PREMIUM MEMBER About Us Mobile Whether you buy or rent, Speedspace will customise the configuration and layout within the framework of standard sizes. From a field WC to an entire mining office complex, your new space could be open for business within 10 to 15 days! Modular Speedspace can also put up more […]

AA Containers

A&A Containers PREMIUM MEMBER About Us A&A Containers commenced business in 1991, giving it today an impressive 30 years of experience gained from The United Kingdom, South Africa and Africa. Andy Spenceley, Managing Director of A&A Containers, has brought and provided cost-effective containerized solutions to the container industry and pre-fabricated industry in South Africa and […]

Container Solutions and Logistics Africa

Container Solutions and Logistics Africa (Pty) Ltd PREMIUM MEMBER Beware of another company impersonating Container Solutions and Logistics (Pty) Ltd. Please check the Container Fraud Prevention Supplier Database for full details of a company by the name of Container Solutions LA listed as Fraudulent. About Us To be a service provider that exceeds client’s expectations […]

Absolute Containers

Absolute Containers (Pty) Ltd PREMIUM MEMBER About Us In June 2008, Absolute Containers’ directors decided to combine their 30-years of knowledge and expertise in this field and acquired an existing shipping container business. With over a decade of experience, our innovative designs, exceptional service and quality products have earned us consistent expansion in our product […]

The Bad Boys of the Internet

Who are the Bad Boys of the Internet. How big internet companies are supporting scammers 0 Domains Analysed! According to previous research the number of online scams increased by 40% last year. For 2021 a similar growth rate is expected due to the Corona pandemic. Online scammers are no longer 15-year-old kids who set-up an […]

News Playlist

Media & Events Videos Watch videos of the industry news, events and more right here. Like and follow for more. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLxMExzx_wxK8b4RfSCy-cTjl-ahlI6B-U&layout=gallery[/embedyt]

How Secure is your Internet Browser?

How Secure is your Browser

Security | How Secure is your Browser? Get Brave Browser Today! What is Browser Security Anyway? Browser security is the application of Internet security to web browsers in order to protect networked data and computer systems from breaches of privacy or malware.  Security exploits of browsers often use JavaScript — sometimes with cross-site scripting (XSS)[ […]

Joint Aid Management – Get Involved

JAM S.A (Joint Aid Management) How you can help to make a difference JAM feeds 1.6 Million children every day. Play your part to support the cause by helping JAM feed more children on a daily basis. JAM can feed a child from as little as R3 per day!  How is this possible? By developing […]

Cape Cube Containers

Cape Cube Containers – Verified Member About Us Cape Cube Containers pride themselves in putting their Customers’ needs first and building a solution around those needs in order to give the customer an unforgettable experience. Our Expertise: Cape Cube Containers supplies containers at the right price, time & place. We are Customer minded: everything will be put […]

What is ICC Incoterms – Container Jargon

So what exactly is ICC Incoterms? Who would have guessed that a collection of three-letter acronyms would have had such an impact on the development of international (and domestic) commercial transactions? We can thank a group of industrialists, financiers and traders whose determination to bring economic prosperity to a post-World War I era eventually led […]

Container Fraud Prevention